Child Slavery 14 Dec

Child Slavery

Don’t ask children to take tool, instead send them to school.

India is an independent country since 77 years now but it is a matter of disgrace that child labour is still in practice in India. As per an estimate, India contributes to one-third of Asia’s child labour and one-fourth to world’s child labour. Not all children are fortunate enough to enjoy their childhood. Many of them are forced to work to earn for a livelihood in uncanny environments.

There are various laws that say a strict no to child labour but it is a pity that these laws see no implementation in reality. Those innocent hands and faces that ought to carve a niche in their lives, who are meant to get education are forced to work at meagre wages unwillingly wherein they become victims to various sorts of physical, mental and sexual abuses and assaults.

The major cause of child labour is poverty ,the chasm between rich and poor and the ignorance of education which has somewhere or the other resulted into a drastically negative impact specifically on children that too those that come from poor family backgrounds.

This matter of concern also involves our negligence, as we the citizens of India have not proved ourselves capable enough of educating our children which results into them getting indulged in labour workforce. Secondly people preferably choose child labourers because then they can enjoy the liberty of providing low wages.

Orphan children, poor children are hired by richer sections of the society, by goons or businessmen into various dingy factories to work as labours, or they are often found begging at bus stops and railway stations.

The practice of child labour ruins their lives altogether. It is a menace to the society.
To uproot child labour we need strict norms. I would like to earnestly request our government to take strict action over this issue so that no future generation gets entangled into this mess and to ensure a bright future to all the children of our country.

Mohd. Taiyyab
Law Student
Integral University, Lucknow

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