Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message

You have great energy and power to conquer the world. Use your potential wisely to achieve your goals. Become an inspiration for yourself and for others as well. BE THAT CHANGE you want to bring in the society and start leading a more sustainable life by making an impact through your efforts and ideas of bringing a positive change and development.

We are providing you a platform to listen to the inventors and social impact leaders. Get connected with them and know their best strategies and advice for finding that BIG IDEA of your life. Learn new skills, grow your network, educate yourself, read good books to channelize your passion, talents and skills to find and do more purposeful and sustainable work.

Motivate India Mission envisions to enlighten and motivate people to dream, innovate, and bring positive change for overall development of the country. Humanity, awareness, determination and right motivation is the key to abolish the social menace and make more responsible citizens to make world a better place.

Let your soul unleash the wings of hope!

Farha Naaz

Motivate India Society has been one of my favourite exertion. Education and Motivation is something, which if goes together, can bring a vast change in the Society. Here, with the help of our selfless and hardworking team members, we are trying to innovate for the betterment of people.
Versha Arora


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